WINTER OF 2015/2016

15. WINTER OF 2016

The beginning of winter felt more like a spring. Hela had a cold few times and I’ve noticed that in 50% of cases her illness was spreading into an ear inflammation. It’s highly worrying, because whenever it happens she always has to take antibiotics… Agata’s never had an ear inflammation, but it happens to Hela few times a year, usually during a cold. I begin to think it might have some connection with her surgeries or implants. This time I took this to Kajetany, thought that maybe their best specialists would do something. They suggested me that maybe Hela has increased tonsils, which influence ears, make them more sensitive – maybe we should consider tonsil removal. They also told me something I didn’t know before, that during ear inflammation (the worst stadium) it’s not advised to fly in a plane because an eardrum may burst – this was an important information for us because we fly quite often, actually.

I contacted Kajetany about rehabilitation and waited a lot for their answer, but finally received an email that the visit is possible, I’m very glad. I think the meeting was very successful, Hela was cooperating nicely for the whole hour. Mrs Małgosia is a nice and dedicated person, which suits Hela perfectly. I was told that Hela might have too short frenulum, which needs to be cut a little. I informed Małgosia that we’re waiting with Hela for some rehabilitation camp.

We’ve managed to see the revue “Disney On Ice” and then “Cinderella” Our daughters like such shows, they really got absorbed by them, we’ll certainly go next year as well. Hela heard everything very well, nothing was too quiet or too loud.

2nd December

Today I went to “You can be a deaf, happy person” conference which was held in Warsaw in the office of the Polish Ombudsman, with cooperation of the Echo Foundation. At the beginning there was a screening of the movie about parents of hearing-impaired children, surprisingly one of the movie characters was Dominik 🙂 The material was recorded two years ago at the rehabilitation camp, there also were our pictures 😉
During the meeting many mothers, teenagers and specialists spoke. While listening to these moms’ stories I felt like I was going through the same thing, stories were quite similar to each other. Meetings like this remind me that I’m not alone, that I wasn’t the only one. I think that by looking at the issue from another perspective, I can see more – and on this day I felt the urge to learn the basics of a sign language. This day affected my thoughts about all this situation with my daughter’s hearing impairment. Such meetings and the sense of unity are great, on the other hand it’s rubbing salt in the wound – and thoughts return: “What do I have to do and how, to make my child happy, how do I stop her from being hurt by people, do we do everything right in order to give her strength to live through her teenage and adult life…?“.

I wish there were more meetings like this, statements of deaf people, experienced parents and psychologists are very valuable to me.

December 2015 Our bands and accessories are selling better and better, I often hear from mothers of children who were just diagnosed with hearing impairment. I’m glad that I can support them with optimistic words and talk about my experiences. However when I recently do that I recall the darkest moments. That really affects my mood. Many people who contact me are at the beginning of that road and they usually feel very lost. I think those emotions strongly influence my own and I need to work on it. In December I intentionally suspended the activity of my Traveling Agency, I want to focus on running the blog, selling our accessories and deepening the knowledge on hearing impairment and our Hela. Next year I would like to go on a rehabilitation camp, I hope I can do it through Echo Foundation. I feel a strong urge to support my children.

December 16, 2015   Today, on the occasion of the upcoming Christmas, there were performances at the kindergarten. I was very proud of Hela, seems like she won’t be a stranger to performing on stage.

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