Hela turned 2 years old!September 22 2014

It was the first kindergarten day for Helenka. Her dad brought her, she changed her shoes willingly and went to the room, even though she didn’t want to let go of Dominik’s hand. She cried a little, the teacher told us she didn’t eat, but slept, I picked her after her nap, she ran to me crying. This was a sad moment, but I know she’s a very outgoing child and she won’t need much time to adjust.

September 23 2014

Hela was crying, she didn’t want to go to the kindergarten, but she ate something there and participated in activities. She went to sleep without problems.

I’ve received Allegro transaction comment from the woman who bought the headband: ?The product is very well-made, aesthetic. It’s a well considered design. You can hide the processor in the pocket, and it doesn’t fall from the child’s head. Recommended!

This made me very happy and motivated. It turned out to be interesting thing to do, I was proud, the buyer was satisfied, I’d love more comments like that


Heli sesja zdjęciowa na strone SmartEar:


September 25 2014

Hela didn’t want to leave home, she had already known she’s was going to the kindergarten. She didn’t want to enter the building but it wasn’t as bad as previously. She ate all dinner, slept and actively participated in kindergarten activities. The music teacher said she’s musically gifted. Then she had English lessons. I picked her a moment before 4 pm, she was running around the playground, smiling.

September 26 2014

Today Hela demonstrated her reluctance to go already at home. She was grumbling a bit, I bribed her with chocolate. When we arrived at kindergarten, she put on her slippers, pointed at the room she was going to and went there, reluctantly, but without crying. She ate the dinner, slept, ate afternoon snack with second helping. Today was quite good, reportedly.

I was trying to replace the batteries every two days, so they wouldn’t have to do it in kindergarten. After the classes she’s pleased, smiling and very hungry. She keeps saying ?Hela sama, ciocia, dzieci, Hela amam, Hela aaa aaa? (Hela alone, auntie, kids). It seems like she’s proud of attending that place. 🙂


New words:

Jedzie pocio z dale (Jedzie pociag z daleka) ? The train comes from far away (Part of Polish nursery rhyme)

szyja ? the neck

sliniak ? bib

pepe (pepek) ? belly button

wysoko ? high

dynia – pumpkin

kurtka ? jacket

sama ? alone

duzy ? big

maly – small

slima (slimak) – snaik

pan ? mr

pani ? mrs

kupa – poo

siusiu – pee

Zuzia ? Zuzia (name ? Susan)


 November 04 2014

Today we’ve had new meeting in the implants’ department at Kajetany, there’s been another implant adjustment.

It was the first test of the second, left (the new one) implant. During the examination Hela was politely sitting, had some ?help? from a funny tiger toy which was jumping when she responded correctly to the sound ? she liked it very much. Before entering the office other parents had scared us a little by saying it’s difficult to complete this test because the kids were very small ? but it went very well! Finally, both technicians who did the examination were very pleased with Helenka’s reactions and said it’s the first time they saw everything working correctly so soon after the implant surgery.

We’ve finally received the genetic tests results and finally we are 100% sure that me and Dominik are hearing loss carriers and passed the defect to our kid. There was a 25% chance she would become deaf. Agata’s hearing correctly, but there’s always possibility she’s a carrier too. The doctor mentioned that 3,5% of population are hearing loss carriers, very often unknowingly.

– If Hela has a partner with genetic hearing loss, the chances of their child becoming deaf will be 100%,

– I Hela’s partner is a carrier, the chance of an impaired child is 50%,

– If her partner doesn’t have any genetic load, there’s 100% chance the kids will not have the defect,

– If that person has acquired hearing loss, there’s 100% chance the kids (will hear

 November 25 2014

Hela’s got used to the kindergarten, she goes there willingly, sometimes she doesn’t even want to go home. Mrs Marzena is a great tutor, Hela likes her very much.

Today we’ve stopped with diapers, Hela’s started attending kindergarten without them. There are still some surprises, but looks like she has quickly understood what’s going on. The decision about sending her there was a good idea. She was is an open, competitive child and doesn’t feel embarrassed in front of strangers. She is active and participated in all activities and plays. An employee of Echo Foundation visits the kindergarten once per week, for personal tutoring (it’s the same lady who visited us at home). She said that Hela’s working with her more efficiently in this new place. Also, once per week Hela has rhythmic lessons, with a very good musician. Twice per week we go to visit Kajetany for rehabilitation; we’ve cancelled the Echo Foundation classes, because of the problems with commuting, parking etc. In the car, Hela kept unfastening her seatbelt, during the classes she worked for about 15-20 minutes, then she got bored.
First Helas days in kindergarden:

November 29 2014

We had a family photo shoot today. Below are our photos 🙂



December 01 2014

Hela speaks more and more, it’s hard to write down all these words, because there is so many of them. These are the ones which I remember, and which has spoken clearly: szybko (quickly), mleko (milk), co to było? (what was that?), siku (pee pee), kupa (poo), daj (give), chodź tam (go there), idziemy w dół (we’re going downstairs), sprzątamy zabawki (we’re clearing up the toys).


24 grudnia 2014

Wigilia w tym roku była u nas, odwiedził nas Mikołaj i przyniósł masę prezentów! Dzieci były zachwycone, było bardzo wesoło, wieczór szybko minął.

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