First day of our long trip to distant Dominican Republic!!! We traveled in a large group – our family of four, my mom, sister with her son and husband.

The flight lasted over ten hours. The temperature in Dominican Republic was very high, it was up to 30 degrees! It’s great to feel a bit of summer in the middle of the winter, I recommend this to everyone!

The trip was very successful, even if there were some tiring moments, just like it always is with kids. At the beginning Hela didn’t want to enter the water at all, only at the end she grew fond of it and then it was hard to pull her out 🙂

I bought Cochlear pouches while planning the trip, they allow to swim with processors, but we haven’t used them at all, the pouches are too big and it’s uncomfortable to put them on a child. Before going into water we were just taking Hela’s processors off, actually every time she heard “We’re going swimming” she was taking her band off all by herself and then ran into the pool, smiling. For me the hardest part was to communicate with her, because when we wanted to leave the water we were giving her signs – and often saw her turning her back to us, because she didn’t want to “listen”. We’ve managed to find a way, before we took the processors off we had been telling her she can go swimming, but when we show her that the fun is over she should politely leave the swimming pool. After few tries it worked like a charm and at the end of the trip every time she saw the sign “the end” she was leaving the water.

Below our recollections and films, you can see how Hela’s playing with the sound, thanks to the implants her hearing is on a high level!

Hela can intentionally attach the coil to her head.



 January 23 ,2015

Grandma’s Day in Kindergarden.



 22 luty 2015

Helas kindergarden.

March 20, 2015


Hela can intentionally attach the cochlear coil to her head ! 🙂

April 13, 2015  

Today I visited the Psychological and Pedagogical Clinic with Hela, in order to examine her development. We needed this examination to get an evaluation on her need for a special (early) education in order for kindergarten to receive some extra funds for additional classes for Helenka.
Hela was examined by psychologist, and was diligently solving given tasks for about an hour. She was also cheerful and cooperative. Her tasks were quite hard for a two-year old, but she handled them very well. At the end the psychologist evaluated Hela and gave her very good scores, then told us that our daughter can attend a public kindergarten because the results were quire satisfactory. Helenka did her tasks and received 91 centiles! The test was for all children, not only disabled ones, so I think it was an awesome result for a deaf kid

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