Hela likes to sing, it’s her main repertoire 🙂

May 2015
Hela manages to perform sensationally at the kindergarten, I hear that she’s the last one to come to her teacher crying. She’s brave and always happy to participate in all activities.   They called me from Kajetany and told us that so far there won’t be any rehabilitation for Hela, because the instructor who was conducting exercises will be absent for a year and a half! It’s sad such things happen… I’m to wait for them to call, but I’m worried it will never happen.


June 6, 2015
On the occasion of the Children’s Day, there was an event set up by MED-EL company (manufacturer of cochlear implants). It was a whole day event with a possibility of staying overnight, everything was paid by the organizer. There were many activities for bigger and smaller children, along with full catering services. The weather was surprisingly fine, so everyone was able to play all day. Such parties remind us that we’re not alone, there are many kids with similar problems.  Children get to know each other better as well as us, parents. During that day, Med-El representatives provided every possible information about their processors. The event was very successful and we’re very happy we could be a part of it. We’ve received the invitation along with the possibility of demonstrating our own SmartEAR product, we’re very grateful for that. People were very interested in our bands and implant pouches.

This year we’ve planned a week of vacation in Turkey with grandma, sister Ala and her son Felix. Air travel took only 2 hours and 40 minutes. Hela is fully aware that she’s flying in a plane now and she likes it. Nobody asked us about her processors at both airports.
The temperature was very high during the whole trip, it varied from 30 to 60 degrees in the shade, water in the sea and swimming pool was hot. We’re waiting impatiently for the Med-El novelty – waterproof processor pouches. Those aren’t available yet so we take off Hela’s processors before she goes into the water. Even though she doesn’t hear us, it doesn’t bother her very much and she’s very happy when we go swimming. I think it’s us who get upset because we can’t talk to her on such occasions. I’ve noticed that Hela lipreads a lot. When she doesn’t have processors, she speaks properly and it’s clear that she focuses on our mouths. We’ve tested that and it turned out that she can often repeat what we say to her, however contact with our child is disrupted along with the communication. It came to my mind that I should learn some basics of sign language. Hela learns the gestures we came up with very quickly and I think that sign language might be helpful during such moments.
The trip was intense and successful, the girls were thrilled, there were some harder times, just like it always is with kids, but it’s a pity that it was just a week… 🙁 I wish I could travel more often. Kids love those trips, I believe that every trip affects their development, it’s some sort of “rehabilitation”, because they learn and find out a lot about the world.

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