SEPTEMBER 22, 2015

Hela’s turned three. The time passes so quickly and I can tell it heals all wounds. Three years ago, when we found out about her hearing impairment, it was terrible news and the future appeared bleak. Today I can say without any hesitation that we’re very happy people.  Hela is exceptionally positive child, she has brought a lot of good energy into out family. I think this whole situation has strengthened my relationship with Dominik, together we’ve managed to get through difficult times. We still have some worries, but we’re grateful for the possibility of surgery, implants have helped us a lot and made our life easier. We’re aware that there probably still are some different situations awaiting us, but today everything is just great!

The birthday party was held on Saturday, our grandma came, also grandpa with Natalka, Ala with Maciek and Felix. The weather was fine, Hela was very happy, I consider this day successful.


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