Together with girls we’ve decided to go on a 5-day trip to the mountains, to Szczyrk. It was very intense and tiring at times, but the girls were thrilled. We had many events planned everyday, so those days were passing very quickly and were filled with many activities. We’ve borrowed special tent for Hela to enter, so we could wander around the mountains. August 11-16/08/2015

We managed to get to the top of Skrzyczne mountain by two ski lifts and then it took us three hours to climb down on foot. The weather was fine, it wasn’t too warm, but the sun was pleasantly shining all the time during our stay. We also paid a visit to Energyland, I highly recommend it, it’s a great place when one can spend all day with a child, everything is well prepared, there are many activities for bigger and smaller kids. We saw the Dinosaur Park too, Agata and Hela were thrilled! The hotel we stayed in prepared evening animations, along with the swimming pool and games room, so our evenings were also quite filled with events. I can declare the trip a success! We’ve spent last days of holidays as a happy family.


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