Hela’s almost one year old and says her first word ?BABA?!!!. Sometimes it’s ?MAMAMMA?

August 16 2013

August 22 2013

Pierwsze urodziny Heli! Z tej okazji zrobilismy pamiątkową sesję dla Heli z tortem.






September 2013

I am getting more and more convinced about the second implant, the first one really helped Helenka, we’re very happy with this decision. We’re convinced because of her progress, she’s developing correctly even though only the right hemisphere of the brain was stimulated. The sooner, the better ? that was my opinion. A second implant would also be useful if something would happen to the first one, for example if it was damaged during holidays abroad we should be able to communicate because the second one would be working. When there’d be a problem in school she wouldn’t have to abandon the class… there were many arguments in favor of implant surgery, even though there was also fear of the operation and related risks.

I’ve decided to cancel the rehabilitation at the Institute for the Deaf, because I had more and more of my own work and I couldn’t handle everything. I was watching the movie about rehabilitation in United States and they said that one class per week is enough. Rehabilitates are for showing how to play and talk with to children, but it’s us who need to work with the kid at home. We’ve had logorythmics once per week, Echo once per week, also a visit at Kajetany once per week. I’ve decided that instead us going to the Institute I would use the help of the woman from Piaseczno who can visit us and give us receipts so we would deduct that from our taxes and have a tax return. I felt sorry for Mrs Ania, because she was very dedicated, she liked Hela and it was obvious she was good and dedicated person. I’ve cancelled the Institute visits, because they had less experience with implanted children there. Echo had more of such kids, also I was attending logorythmics course in Echo, so I have stayed there. The woman from Piaseczno is also from Echo Foundation, so I remained there, however I’ve had my regrets because people from Institute are very nice and devoted to their work, it’s rare to find people like them…

 October 2013

Finally we’ve received the money from Foundation, we can use it for Helenka’s rehabilitation and needs.

October 3 2013

She says BABA ? on papa. Long awaited visit at Kajetany to meet Skarzynski, we didn’t feel the urge, but went there to ?tick that off? and do everything we could. The meeting was calm, we’ve been asking about second implant and what is the best moment for the surgery. He was very diplomatic about it, said that he wouldn’t try to persuade us, but only recommended it. The most important thing was that Helaa had one implant already and can develop normally. We’ve asked if he knew anything about some other methods of curing hearing impairment, he told us he couldn’t say anything about it but there was research conducted…. however he couldn’t guarantee anything and we had to think about our kid. It was the most important time for her growth and learning to speak. We’ve also asked whether other methods would work if we agree for the second implant, if they would still be efficient even with double implanting. He said it might have been possible, which pleased us very much and assured us in the belief that it was worth to get another implant.

October 10 2013

We’ve asked for the referral for another implant surgery, we were supposed to wait for the call, supposedly they would start making appointments for hospitalization in the spring. Our friends have a deaf son who is Helenka’s age and had an implant surgery at the same time ? and they’ve decided they want second one and were waiting for the call too, perhaps we will go through all this together?

December 2013

Hela is making more and more sounds, some of them could even be called words.

– aupo (auto), imitating a car (brrr);

– lala (lala ? doll), pointing, saying aaaa, and showing how she swings the doll;

– imitating cat, dog, cow, but not very clearly;

– mama (mom), tata (dad);

– When we turn on the coffee machine or a kettle, she was always points at her ear, which means she hears it.


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