Departure for Gran Canaria. A long flight (6 hours), it was kinda (somewhat) tedious, but we’ve finally arrived. There weren’t any problems with the implant at the security checkpoint; we were nicely surprised by the man who was checking us at the board gate ? he only said ?cute electronic ear?

April 1 2014

One-week trip, it was quite windy at the beginning. Hela was anxious, I suspected that was because of the wind, its noise could have been unpleasant to her… that’s why I tried to put a cap or headscarf on her, so that it would cover the microphone ? it helped. When she’s bigger, I will ask her about those problems, what are her feelings and if it’s disturbing for her. After two days, the wind had stopped and it became much less annoying, so it became much more comfortable for her. Hela wanted to swim in the pool and the ocean, for that it was necessary to take off the implant, but she didn’t seem to be unhappy about it.

Except for those first two days, the weather proved fine. It was very warm during our whole stay, perfect for sunbathing and swimming. We’ve spent most of our time at the beach, because the kids could freely play in the sand. The sand was very dark, almost black so the girls looked like covered in mud 🙂

Hela has learned a new word, she knowingly called the pool and ocean ?woda? (water). During our trip when walking on hot sand she was very clearly saying ?aua?, she often called Agata, saying ?agaa?.

Return flight was as tiring as the previous one, it took 5,5 hours. Hela was awake all the time, she finally fell asleep during the landing. Headbands were doing very well, it was a very nice solution, they held the implant, so it was much harder to lose it.









10 kwiecień 2014

Po powrocie przyszedł list z Kajetan z informacja o kwalifikacji do operacji. Od razu zadzwoniłam do Kajetan i wyznaczyli nam operację na 9/05, czyli za miesiąc. 8/05 mamy już się pojawić na miejscu, ponieważ będzie konsultacja lekarska i już zostaje z Helą na operację. Już się boję? ale chyba chcę żeby było to już za nami.



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